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Ok so fishing starts again on Wednesday 13th may. If you are thinking of coming we have some simple rules you will have to follow .
1/ do not turn up before 8am the gates will be locked

2 / saturdays and sundays you must phone . Message .or text me to book a place do not just turn up .weekdays will not be as busy but would still be nice to let us know you will be coming .

3/ pay before you fish we have an honesty post box .each person must fill in ticket pop it in the envelope keep your part of the ticket then put the rest in the red post box .if you want to bring your own envelope just put your details on the front ie name car reg and what peg you are fishing in that would be ok , We will be checking anyone without a ticket will be charged £10 .

4/ please dip your landing net before going to the peg.

5/ please respect other people do not go onto there pegs to talk let's be sensible.

6/ we have 2 toilets for fisher people around the back with hand paper towel and anti bacterialhand wash . please do not use the caravan toilets at the front .

If You are coming to fish remember We live here and if anyone starts doing things they shouldn't we will close you will only spoil it for yourselves and everyone else

If you haven't been before There are some photos for you to see below of the pay station honesty

box and dip tank etc .Keep safe. keep it fun.see you soon .